Страница 14- ГДЗ Английский язык 6 класс Рабочая тетрадь Комарова, Ларионова (решебник) - GDZwow

Страница 14- ГДЗ Английский язык 6 класс Рабочая тетрадь Комарова, Ларионова

Рассмотрим ответы на Страница 14 из рабочей тетради по английскому языку для 6 класса Комаровой
Languages, countries and nationalities
1. Circle the odd ones out.
1 English French China Russian
2 Australian Scottish Wales Spanish
3 American Australian Canadian Gaelic
4 London USA Paris Madrid
5 Canada Australia Russia British
6 Glasgow France Spain Australia
2. Complete the sentences with these adjectives.
big horrible interesting difficult happy wrong
1 It’s an exam -I don’t know the answers.
2 This story is very. I like it.
3 Birthday!
4 Eugh! This soup is!
5 That’s not right, it’s
6 The opposite of small is
3. Write negative sentences. Use short forms.
1 He’s from Ireland.
2 I’m French.
3 My first language is English.
4 It is interesting.
5 We are from Australia.
4. Write affirmative sentences. Use short forms.
1 He isn’t from London.
2 Russia isn’t in Europe.
3 They are not Scottish.
4 It isn’t difficult.
5 I’m not happy.
Possessive adjectives and possessive’s
5. Match the subject pronouns with the possessive adjectives.
1 I
2 you
3 he
4 it
5 they
6 she
7 we
a) your
b) her
c) our
d) my
e) his
f) its
g) their
6. Add s or s’ to the highlighted words.
1 My dad’s name is Harold.
2 Her parents’ house is very nice.
3 This is Germanys flag.
4 Russia capital is Moscow.
5 My friend’s names are Jaime and Mina.
6 Megan is Emma’s friend.
Question words
7. Write questions.
1 Where / from?
2 When / her birthday?
3 How old / you?
4 What / favourite band?
5 Who / favourite actors?
6 Where / Sergey Bezrukov from?
7 What / their names?
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